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Support for Innovation

Developing New Products and Prototyping
that Meets Your Unique Specification
Outside Diameter, Thickness, Material Type
Most companies have limitations to the types and dimenions of products current equipment can manufacture. It is often necessary to produce prototypes in order to design new and more advanced products. That is why Fuji Machine’s prototyping and design services can help our customers produce new designs in small lots to aid in new product development. Another way we strive to be a partner and not just a supplier for our customers.
It is not easy to source new pipes needed for product development. In many cases standard pipe materials are not suited to these needs and others may be over spec and not applicable to the design. Also, normally only a large lot can be ordered, even when not needed. At Fuji, as a service to our partner companies, we can manufacture non-standard pipes that perfectly match your specifications in economical small lots.
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