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Innovative and Original Production Equipment that is Economical and Instills Confidence

Compressor Case Manufacturing Equipment
  Steel Sheet Motor Frame Manufacturing Equipment
  Catalytic Converter Case Manufacturing Equipment
  Eco Cute Compressor Case Manufacturing Equipment
  DPF Muffler Case Manufacturing Equipment
Complete Lines: More than the Sum of its Individual Machines
We are committed to the development of complete manufacturing lines suited to our customer’s unique needs. Optimizing the process, cutting out unnecessary steps, the production equipment working together as ONE SYSTEM. The development process is not about putting together single machines, but designing each machine to complement the next, machines working together in a coordinated effort of economy of movement, greatly reducing the risk of downtime. The merits of our Complete Line Concept include higher productivity with less allocated resources. Complete manufacturing solutions available across the world with the security of maintenance and support. No customer request is impossible. This approach makes us the leader of fully customized manufacturing solutions.
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