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Efficiency and Minimal Labor + Environmentally Friendly

Lower Material Cost

Compress Pipe Manufacturing Cost

Increased Production Efficiency

Labor Cost Saving

Reduction of Transportation Costs

Cut CO2 Emission
Today, commitment to environmental issues is a common theme across the globe. As we become more conscious of the environment, there is a greater need for products that do not burden the environment and that adhere to more stringent regulations. Our Pipe Manufacturing Systems are ecologically and economically efficient by using flat material, efficient transportation, and efficient processing. This allows for the reduction of the overall emissions of CO2. With our equipment in worldwide manufacturing facilities that are used for reduced emission exhaust gas pipes, and the graphite purification of diesel vehicles, we do our part to contribute to the reduction of air pollution without being seen.
Catalytic Converter Manufacturing Equipment
Eco Cute Heat Pump Case Manufacturing Equipment
DPF Muffler Manufacturing Equipment
Household Fuel Cell, etc.
Pipe can be made easily from steel coil, blank/sheared material, or plates, allowing for easy material procurement, storage and production.
Automated equipment designed for reduced cycle time, lower unit cost and higher production efficiency.
Fuji’s Pipe Making Equipment, when used on location in factories that often procure pipe, allows for the elimination of the wasteful transportation of pipe, reducing transportation expenses and lowering CO2 output.
Fuji Machine Works equipment has been adopted all over the world.
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